One build the best

Year: 1975 Make: Austin Leyland
Model: Mini Copper 1000

I have converted this mini to a rear engine, rear wheel drive car. With the use of a Zcars conversion the engine mounts to the integrated roll cage and suspension system. The entire cage has been powder coated black and suspension system anodized blue for theme consistency. Radiator and gas tank are located in the front of the car where the original engine once lived. This kit was made specifically for me and was shipped to me from the UK. This car is one of only 3 in North America that uses this kit in VTEC form and the only turbo VTEC in the world using the Zcars kit. The only things retained from the original mini are the shell, front windshield, front bearing holders and the throttle pedal. Everything else on the car has been custom fabricated and/or replaced..

Engine as stock: A-Series
Displacement: 998cc
Power: 60bhp

With current modifications:
Compression: 11.0:1
Power: 495hp/353tq
Redline: 8500rpm
ECU: 2002 RSX ECU with Kpro
Tuning: Shawn Church (Church Automotive)
Heads: Stock
Intake Manifold: Stock Polished

Fuel System: Aeromotive A1000 pump
Filters: Aeromotive 12301 & 12304 (one before pump, one after)
Fuel Regulator: A1000EFI
Lines: Russel Classic with return line
Fittings: Earls
Injectors: Power Enterprises 750mm
Fuel Rail: BDL
Throttle Body: BDL
Cooling System: Custom Zcars
Mounts: Innovative Engine mounts
Exhaust: Custom fabricated by Fabworx in full titanium
Ignition System: Stock Acura
Fuel tank: Custom made Fuel Safe powder coated red

The increased HP of this car is over 400% from the original number found in 1975. The engine has been fully painted black and as well the oil tank, timing cover, alternator, intake manifold and valve cover are fully polished. The engine has had the AC and Power Steering taken off. Innovative billet mounts were uses to mount the engine to the frame and roll cage. Remote oil cooler is cooled by fresh air coming from 1 of 2 NACA ducts in the windows of the car. The Exhaust was hand made in full titanium from the manifold on. A custom muffler was designed and then wrapped in titanium sheet. A polished radiator and shroud with the custom fuel safe complete the front of the car.

Header: Custom fabricated titanium by Fabworx
Turbo: Borg Warner S362 .70AR
BOV: Tial 50mm
Waste gate: Dual Tial 44mm
Intercooler: Custom
Piping: Custom fabricated by Fabworx
Boost Control: Kpro 4BAR Hondata map sensor
Boost Level: 18psi
NOS: Custom direct port nitrous system designed by Joe McCarthey/Prototype Racing

The engine has been converted from a NA to forced induction. Because of the uniqueness of this car the turbo setup was completely custom. The exhaust manifold was fabricated by Fabworx in full titanium utilizing a dual waste gate setup. The turbo compressor housing has been polished to match the engine. The intercooler was custom fabricated and placed in the roof of the car this provides short cooling pipes and instantaneous boost. A custom carbon fiber roof with integrated roof scoop and wing feeds air through the intercooler mounted about the engine. The Nitrous system was designed by Joe McCarthey the builder of the fastest RSX in the world at the Bonneville Salt flats in Utah. The stainless nitrous lines have been bent by hand. The distribution block was fabricated specific for this application. This car is the only known turbo VTEC Zcars mini in existence anywhere in the world and thus a truly rare breed.

Gearbox: Stock Acura EP3 6 speed
Differential: Quaife LSD
Drive shafts: Custom by Zcars UK
Clutch: Competition Clutch Stage 5 Sprung
Flywheel: Stock
Shifter: Custom fabricated and made by Zcars UK

Springs/Shocks: Fully adjustable rebound and height by Zcars UK
Sway bars: Zcars UK
Bushings: Zcars UK
Race Jacks: KSport

The entire suspension system was designed by Zcars and is completely custom. The front shocks sit in a horizontal design similar to F1race cars. The fully adjustable rose jointed suspension enables quick adjustability to the race suspension at any time. All aluminum and brightwork included in the suspension has been anodized blue to continue with the theme of the car. Race jacks by KSport have been installed to raise the car on all fours with a switch that controls the onboard compressed air tank that powers the jacks. The jacks mount via custom aluminum brackets (polished and anodized blue) that mount directly to the roll cage. The car features race jacks that are in cabin controllable and can be raised and lowered within seconds. The air tank is located in the front of the car mounted to the firewall. All air lines were hand bent out of stainless steel tubing.

Calipers: Custom blue Wilwood 4 pot Powerlites front and rear
Brake Line: Exact UK
Disks: Wilwood drilled and slotted 260mm front and rear
Master Cylinders: Wilwood full race pedal set with cabin adjustable bias.
Brake Bias: Wilwood

Custom alloy bells were made to fit inside the custom wheels and then anodized blue to match the suspension. As well the brakes have been powder coated to match the car. The pedals are race pedals from Wilwood and include 3 master cylinders for brakes and clutch. The Bias control is done via a Wilwood knob that is mounted on the dash. The brakes have also been converted from a drum type brake system to a disk type system. All the stainless steel lines on the car were hand bent and took over 50 hrs to complete.

Wheels: 13” custom 3 piece made by Image Wheels UK
Tires: Yokohama A032R 215/50/13
Mounting: KAD center lock with custom Titanium Center nuts by Fabworx

The hubs have been converted to a center lock single nut conversion by KAD UK. The front brake plates have been anodized blue as well to match. The single conversion nuts have been done in full titanium and then heat treated for the “burn”. The wheels are custom made 13” x 8” three piece Billet wheels. These were taken apart, polished and then anodized blue with black hoops to match the theme. The Yokohama A032R tires have long been discontinued and are no longer available.

Paint: D-BASF Candy Teal C22-410 over C22-310
Painted by: PJ Bonaficio
Body Work: Ben Abutin/High End
Front Grill: Alec Mini Japan
Eyes: Alec Mini Japan then remade in exposed weave carbon by Rogue Sevens
Roof: Custom made exposed wave carbon by Rogue Sevens
Boot: Custom made exposed weave carbon fiber from Rogue Sevens
Hood: Custom made by Zcars then remade in exposed carbon fiber by Rogue Sevens
Lighting: HID high and Lo beams from a Hummer H3
Tail lights: MKI round light conversion with LED bulbs
Mirrors: SPA Technique Dry Carbon

The mini includes a one off custom fiberglass wide body kit. Specifically designed and attached by Ben Abutin of High End Performance. The grill is from Alec Mini in Tokyo. This grill was picked up in person in Japan. They do not ship and are virtually impossible to get 100% JDM. The boot was custom made by ABS motorsport in the UK. for me. The hood is by Zcars and I had it remade in carbon fiber here in the states by Rogue. Rogue made the custom exposed weave roof with integrated roof scoop and wing as well. The lights were originally intended for a H2 Hummer, they fit perfectly in the 7” headlight slots on the mini. The trail lights have been converted to the round style lights on the MKI mini. The original lights were square with standard bulbs. I have converted to LED as well. All the outer brightwork (tail lights) have been anodized black and ceramic cleared for consistency. The exterior side panels have been covered in real carbon fiber to blend with the carbon fiber theme.

Seats: Kirkey Deluxe Road Race Seats
Mounts: Kirkey Aluminum Race mounts
Harnesses: Cobra Pro-Series FIA road belt 6pt
Steering Wheel: SPA Technique with integrated shift lights
Hub: Works Bell Rapfix GTC flip quick release
Mounting Hub: Custom
Gauges: SPA Technique
Shifter: Zcars UK
Material: Black Alcantara Leather
Door Panels: ABS Motorsport exposed weave Carbon fiber
Dash: Custom Carbon fiber
Gauge Pod: Carbon Trix

This car has been fitted with gauges by SPA Technique a specialty maker in the UK for Indy cars and custom OEM applications like the Ariel Atom. The gauge cluster is from SPA directly but it is a duplicate from the Ariel Atom. The auxiliary gauges are dual digital gauges with blue back lighting. They are mounted on the top cross bar by a carbon 3 gauge pod by Carbon Trix. The steering wheel is Alcantara wrapped and includes integrated shift lights in the top of the wheel for instant visual notification of redline. Mounted to the steering wheel is a Works Bell flip style quick release hub. All this is fastened to the steering shaft by a custom made billet adaptor specifically for this car. The seats are custom made aluminum race seats by Kirkey. 18” driver and 16” passenger seats typically found in F1 and NASCAR series race cars they found there way to the mini. They have been polished and mounted to the floor with modified Kirkey mounts fully polished. The 6pt. harnesses are by COBRA made in the UK. The harnesses are not sold in the US and were sourced from the UK directly. The custom made dash is exposed weave carbon fiber and custom fabricated to fit the car. The rear seat is now where the engine resides. The engine side is surrounded by sheet metal.The “firewall” has a custom cut Lexan sheet in the top section so the engine can be viewed from all windows. Blue LED lighting is used to accent the polished engine and interior.

Source Unit: Eclipse AVN6610 touch screen
Screen: 7” touch screen MRE-700
Mapping: GPS
Amplifier: Audison LRx 4.1k
Speakers: Hertz Mille MLK with ribbon mid
Subwoofer: Hertz ML2500 10” subwoofer
Wires: Stinger HPM Series
Enclosure type: Custom carbon dash enclosure and custom carbon fiber subwoofer enclosure

The subwoofer resides in front of the passanger seat. For racedays this can be taken out to reduce weight.

Wiring: Painless harness
Engine wiring: Modified RSX-S loom
Battery Terminals: Pos. digital Stinger HPM Series
Batteries: 2x Braille B2015C

The dash comprises a total of 10 doomsday switches, push button starter and a master kill switch. As well the nitrous arming and purge buttons are located next to the brake bias adjustment knob. The entire car was rewired using weather pak connectors and new wires. All grounding wires have been upgraded as well. The whole system is powered by two Braille carbon fiber B2015C batteries mounted to the floor with aluminum Braille stays. One battery is isolated to power the engine and electrical system. The other isolated to power the stereo system.